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What’s Pre-Extended Stretch Film and Do you know the Benefits?

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Have a rubberband and stretch it somewhat. That great deal of leftover give is all about just how much resistance traditional stretch film has (known a “film” or “traditional film”) to any extent further.). Now stretch that very same rubberband out nearly so far as sometimes it can go without snapping – until there’s very little more give – and you will understand the benefits of pre-extended film. Little leftover give means less product goes further and there is considerably less strain for users once they put it on.

Pre-extended film is expanded near to its ultimate break point until you are wound onto rolls for final use. What this means is the show does not require just as much user energy like a standard film to offer the same wrapping pressure. This can be a key reason pre-extended films are popular for hands wrap. Actually, with pre-extended wrap, hands applications can make exactly the same load stability as machine applications. The advantages of this are apparent.

Manufacturers create pre-extended film by elongating it robotically between 2 film carriage rollers. Since the top of secondary (bigger) roller rotates quicker than the main roller, the show will get pulled together and expands. The resulting rolls are usually light and simple to deal with, reducing operator fatigue. Since there’s hardly any torque involved, users also benefit by having the ability to make use of a walk-forward wrapping technique, which will help prevent fall occurrences.

When it comes to material costs, pre-extended films tend to be thinner than traditional films. Ultimately, this produces less ecological waste because the operator uses less material during application.

Major Benefits Include…

Essentially, users obtain the same (or better) load stability with less product, less physical energy, and greater control.


Consumption could be less to 1 half those of traditional film. This results in a financial savings of between 25% – 40%.

No Edge Damage (no wasted rolls)

It’s folded edges and it has air blown in to the roll to aid the center of the roll from telescoping lower. Both of these processes together allow it to be nearly impossible to break the roll edge when shedding it. Traditional film rolls frequently are tossed away since the user drops them and damages the advantage.

Simpler to use

Lower torque needs allow users just to walk forward rather of backward during application – creating safer and simpler control. Also, little if any expansion is needed, therefore it much simpler to wrap with less physical strength. The roll is lighter (a couple ofOr3 under traditional film) and simpler to handle. It comes down to half the thickness and double the amount strength.

Film Memory

Because the film is used towards the load with little pressure, it’ll naturally tighten after application. This excellent film memory and it is inclination to tighten after application may be the best reason behind pre-stretching film.


Traditional film doesn’t provide uniform expansion, so its performance is unpredictable this can lead to intermittent load failures. The performance of pre-extended film is a lot more controllable.

Other Benefits

• No width reduction during tensioning reduces the amount of film wraps needed and improves productivity.

• Excellent film cling helps to ensure that film tails will remain in position.

• Good film clearness enables simpler inspection of packaged products.

• Superior load retention provides better load stability.

• It stabilizes misshapen and protruding loads.

• It performs well in extreme cold.

• It facilitates compliance with Packaging Waste rules – using less means less to get rid of.

Most hands-held films have to be expanded a minimum of 100 to 150 percent to help make the film stiff enough to effectively hold a shifting load. The truth is, operators rarely expand film greater than 50 % throughout the wrap process. A nationwide look at hands wrapping in tangible-existence situations, discovered that an average joe expands hands wrap under 15%.

Selecting a Distributor

Not every pre-extended stretch film is identical. You will want to look for a distributor with buying power and packaging expertise you never know the advantages and disadvantages of every type and can take time to determine your exact needs.

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